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Mom's Little Heroes!

Our task was to help articulate Cereal Partners Worldwide (General Mills & Nestlé) commitment of a "nutritious breakfast for everyone" with a little twist of fun. The commercial was made possible through a close collaboration between Eyebelieve, McCANN Paris & Planet Films. The post production process was a labour of love, as the cape was meticulously generated in cell animation technique, which then marries with the live footage to create every child's superhero fantasy.

DiGi “Birds”

Working very closely with film director Maurice Noone, we were given the opportunity to conceptualize and design the entire look and feel of the environment and character designs of the birds. The designs were then made into actual props with paper, cardboard, wood, cotton, rope, foam and even origami butterflies and flowers. The birds were modelled and animated in CG using real textures of paper and cardboard. Then they were all shot in stop-motion style on set and finally composited together to achieve the final surreal film.

Petronas + Mercedes AMG = “The Ride”

Shot entirely in Stuttgart (Germany) by film director Sling Ng (Director's Think Tank), who gave us the honor to be part of this neck-breaking project (every sci-fi geek's wet dream) by providing VFX, alien drones and mothership designs and animation.

We Are Eyebelieve

EyeBelieve is a multi-disciplinary creative content production team
set up to experiment and push creative boundaries across
film, commercial, broadcast and new media.


Our Story

As a small family of artist with over a decade of ideation and execution experience, our award-winning directors, designers and visual effects artists work very closely with agencies, production houses, film directors and clients from initial idea to completion or at any point in between.

Our Skills

Our broad range of skill sets provide multitude of creative solutions, including:
• Idea & Concept• Liquid Simulation
• Storyboarding & Styleframes• Compositing
• Production & Directing• Visual Effects
• Design & Animation (3D / 2D)• Colour Grading

We Are Hiring!

We're looking for talented artists who are not only self-motivated to learn
and adapt new skills, but also those who appreciate life and share the same beliefs.

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We are currently looking for an experienced Producer to join our post production team. The ideal candidate for this role will have several years of experience in post production for commercials and have an understanding of international versioning.

The duties include:
• Quoting and advising on post production work.
• Ensuring correct scheduling of sessions.
• Reconciling and billing all costs as per client requirements.
• Know how in dealing with local censorship and film authority (FINAS/KKMM) department.
• Answering client/agency technical queries or liaising with artist to obtain and provide requested information.
• Good understanding of VFX production would be a plus.
We are looking for talented charismatic 3D Generalist who believes that their dreams could go further and beyond what the eyes could see.

The duties include:
• Proficient in Maya.
• Good understanding of most CG techniques and technologies.
• Excellent communication skills in a collaborative studio.
• Ability to articulate your ideas, suggestions and illustrate them with references.
• Familiar with render queue software. However this is not a necessity.
• Additional skill sets are most welcome.
We’re seeking a few good Visionary talents to give them the opportunity to work behind the scenes, experience and contribute to real production projects with the freedom to pursue any and all interests in a professional environment.

Once accepted, Visionaries will have the chance to work side by side with our Creative Directors, Art Directors, fellow artists and Producers from three to six months.

• You’re a Malaysian or otherwise.
• You’re an undergraduate.
• Transcript and reference documents depicting the course for internship (for undergraduates only)
• 3 years of working experience and fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

Please send us your resume and portfolio link via email to info@eyebelieve.tv
In this role you will integrate CG and graphics elements into live action footages. This encompasses keying, matte extractions from blue/green screen, RGB matte composting, transform and warp elements as needed, 2D/3D camera tracking, paint fixes and rotoscoping.

The duties include:
• Good understanding of node-based compositing softwares.
• Knowledge of projection mapping
• Maya knowledge a plus
• Sound aesthetic with good understanding of colour, contrast and lighting design
• Strong problem solving skills
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Team player with great attitude
• Exercises close attention to detail
• Senior and Junior positions
We are looking for a talented and captivating Motion Graphic Designer who believes they have the eyes and ability to integrate the elements of time, sound and space with their unique designer mind.

The duties include:
• Design experience using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
• Animation experience using Adobe After Effects, 3D Software and any other compositing software.
• Excellent communication skills in a collaborative studio.
• Ability to articulate your ideas, suggestions and illustrate them with references.
• Additional skill sets are most welcome.

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