Apokalips X - Teaser

We were commissioned by Astro OAP to direct, design and animate promotional trailer, teasers, logo animation, character promo and posters for "Apokalips X", a Malaysian post-apocalyptic action film by Mamat Khalid. This is a teaser for the lead character "X" (Farid Kamil), which was shot in a chroma studio and composited in a CG background environment.
Post Production: EyeBelieve.tv
Director: EyeBelieve
Producer: Mona Tan
Animators: Ben, Bryan
Offline Editor: Chew Tze Tzang
Bike Prop: Julian Oh

Astro OAP
CD/VP: Abid Hussain
Senior Producer: Raja Shah
Producer: Nordiyana Jumri
Photographer: Kang Chun Kang

Copyright © Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd


Title Designs

VFX Breakdown

Fun Facts!

- Company day trip to cinemas to catch this movie! (Yay!)

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