Anugerah Blockbuster 2012 - Promo

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Nominees Title Sequences | Programme Graphics Package

Anugerah Blockbuster is a prestigious Malaysian film industry awards event, which we were given honor to be the Official Designer to create TV Promo, Nominees Title Sequence and Programme Graphics Package.

With the urge to try something different by stepping away from the workstations and getting our hands dirty, the EyeBelieve team has gone into experimenting with miniature paper sculptures, macro lenses, a video projector and a whole bunch of odd movie props.

The process has resulted in a mesmerizing display of lights and color on geometric shapes juxtaposed with some abstract macro photography.
Production Studio:
Creative Director: EyeBelieve
Executive Director: Nemal Gelbert
Producer: Mona Tan
Technical Director: Chew Tze Tzang
Art Direction: Jason Lee
Concept Artist: Kit Khong
Motion Graphics: Satriya Gurnitha
3D Graphics: Poh Leong Koh, Jie Hui

Astro OAP
VP Creative/Creative Director: Abid Hussain
AVP Production Supervision: Punitha Goliaswamy
In-house Graphics Co-Ordinator: Shin/Val

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VFX Breakdown

Fun Facts!

- All of the fun facts are in the VFX Breakdown!

- Oh, and the Team was seeing rainbows during the project.

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