It was an exciting phase for Eyebelieve to be involved in this second half of Cereal Partners Worldwide (General Mills & Nestlé)'s regional campaign. For more information on the first half of the CPW campaign:

Our task was to help articulate CPW's commitment of a "nutritious breakfast for everyone" with a little twist of fun. The commercial was made possible through a close collaboration between Eyebelieve, McCANN Paris & Planet Films. The post production process was a labour of love, as the cape was meticulously generated in cell animation technique, which then marries with the live footage to create every child's superhero fantasy.
Client: Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW)
Product: Nestle's Chocapic, Nesquik
Agency: McCANN Paris
Executive Creative Director: Cédric Astrella, Christophe Pandelle
TV Producer: Valérie Judek

Production House: Planet Films Sdn Bhd
Director: Zahir Omar
Executive Producer: Perin Petrus

Post Production: Eyebelieve
Executive Producer: Nemal Gelbert
Producer: Chew Tze Tzang, Eunice Ng
Compositors/Online Artists: Shirleen See, Lenny Lee
Cape Design/Cape Animators: Mellisa Cahyadi, Kevin Neo

VFX Breakdown: Shirleen See
VFX Breakdown Music: OK Go - Here It Goes Again

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