As our little Chew Chew, the fire monkey has spoken; wishing everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at EyeBelieve.
Post Production: Eyebelieve
Executive Producer: Nemal Gelbert
Director: Sylvia Chin
Story and Idea: Zhenhui
Offline: Aiman Aizat
Concept Art: Zhenhui, Lauren Chin, Tang Shu Ni
Design: Zhenhui, Lauren Chin, Tang Shu Ni

Video Grapher: Alvin Pang
Animation/ Modeling /Texturing: Zhenhui, Lauren Chin, Alvin Pang, Sylvia Chin
Rigging: Sylvia Chin
Lighting & Rendering: Zhenhui, Alvin Pang
Compositing: Tang Shu Ni, Aiman Aizat

Audio: Youtube | youtube.com

chew chew turntable

Fun Facts!

- Our monkey has a secret obsession with large peaches.

- The artist who drew the fruits was suprised by her new burnt masterpiece.

- Chew Chew originally has a very sexy deep male voice.

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