Dash Singapore: ATM

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With the launch of the Dash campaign, Singaporeans are going on a 360 "update". It was a great experience to be on board with BBDO Singapore in this exciting project that initially started out as prints (Hoarding Elements). Soon it developed into a series of Prints and TVCs to be part of the activation campaign in Singapore covering most of the media spaces available. The TVC spread across seven spots and had more than a dozen accompanying print ads.

Brief of the TVC was simple all right, but we knew the definition well as all VFX assignments tends to stretch our limits. Through multiple rounds of R&D, WIPs and critique sessions, all parties were able to agree on what was subjectively beautiful. We would like to express our warmest gratitude to BBDO Singapore and parties who worked with us directly and indirectly to make this assignment fun and possible.
Client: Singtel & Standard Chartered Singapore
Agency: BBDO Singapore
Production/ Post Production: Eyebelieve.tv

Director: EyeBelieve
Assistant Director: Angie Khoo
Director of Photography: George Lee
Assistant Director of Photography: Louis Hing
Producer: Chew Tze Tzang
Editor: Shirleen See
3D Artist(s): Alvin Pang, Zhenhui, Poh Leong, Jia Zheng
2D Artist(s): Shirleen See, Deo Mareza, Jason Lee, Lenny Lee
Intern: Robin Gan

VFX Breakdown: Shirleen See
VFX Breakdown Music: "Fill Up With Sunshine" by Andrew Britton & David Goldsmith, "The Little Ships" by Jean Jacques Perrey



Green Screen

Early Simulation

Hand Talents

VFX Breakdown

Fun Facts!

- A total of 87 Starbucks were consumed during this project.

- We sent one of the team down to Singapore to view the end results (they were awesome possum)

- The 3D Team were about to burst into liquid themselves.

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