DiGi "Birds"

Once again, another successful collaboration between EyeBelieve and Director's ThinkTank in marrying live-action with organic computer graphic animation.

Working very closely with film director Maurice Noone, we were given the opportunity to conceptualize and design the entire look and feel of the environment and character designs of the birds. The designs were then made into actual props with paper, cardboard, wood, cotton, rope, foam and even origami butterflies and flowers. The birds were modelled and animated in CG using real textures of paper and cardboard. Then they were all shot in stop-motion style on set and finally composited together to achieve the final surreal film.
VFX Director: EyeBelieve
Post-Producer: Mona Tan
Designers / Animators: MC, Kit, Gene

Agency: Naga DDB, Malaysia
Film Director: Maurice Noone
Production Producer: Ramesh

VFX Breakdown

Fun Facts!

- One of the team kind of developed a phobia of sitting beneath telephone wires with birds on it.

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