Helo Bro... Tolong Masak! Title Sequence (Director's Cut)

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Once again, a successful collaboration between Astro OAP and EyeBelieve where we were given a total open brief to create a title sequence to this cooking show. Knowing that we wanted to try something different, something organic and to stay away from the computer workstation - we initiated and executed it all from idea, concept, storyboard, production, stop-motion animation to finishing, all under a very tight deadline.
Director: EyeBelieve
Executive Producer: Nemal Gelbert
Producer: Mona Tan
Technical Director: Chew Tze Tzang
Art Director: Jason Lee
Animators: Kit Khong, Kiat Hui, MC

Astro OAP
VP Creative/Creative Director: Abid Hussain
AVP Production Supervision: Punitha Goliaswamy
In-house Graphics Co-Ordinator: Shin/Val

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