Koko Krunch - Mom's Little Heroes!

It's time for school, and it's time for Koko Krunch!

The brief was fairly straightforward and that was to combine animation and live footage to create every child's superhero fantasy. We approached the cape animation through various techniques and concluded with traditional cell animation which worked best for the superhero kid's costume. Next challenge was the 3D KOKO Krunch character with vector rendition that sums up the commercial while adhering to the stringent banding guidelines given.
Client: Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW)
Product: Koko Krunch
Agency: McCANN Paris
Executive Creative Director: Cédric Astrella, Christophe Pandelle
TV Producer: Valérie Judek

Production House: Planet Films Sdn Bhd
Director: Zahir Omar
Executive Producer: Perin Petrus
Director of Photography: Haruld Goh
Line Producer: Brenda Lee
1st Assisant Director: Kelvin Devassy
Offline Editor: Eric Chooi
Stunt Rigging: Ronnie Kee

Post Production: Eyebelieve.tv
Executive Producer: Nemal Gelbert
Producer: Eunice Ng
3D Artist: Alvin Pang, Zhenhui, Shih Khee
Animator: Deo Mareza, Clara Oktarina
Online/Compositing: Deo Mareza
Rotoscope Artist/Designer: Lenny Lee

Cape Test / Mask Test

Supers Test 1 / Supers Test 2

Supers Test 3 / Texture

VFX Breakdown

Fun Facts!

- The Team had KoKo Krunch for breakfast every day while working on this project. (This may or may not be true)

- We ran out of blankets to experiment on.

- The Superman theme song can be heard in the office throughout the day (and nights!).

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