A mushroom elf, Mushie, illuminates the path as it hurries along home in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Eyebelieve! Have a safe journey this festive season and may the magic of Christmas illuminate your way home.
Director: Sylvia Chin
Executive Producer: Nemal Gelbert

Concept Art: Mellisa Cahyadi
Design: Mellisa Cahyadi, Zhenhui, Jason Tee, Kevin Neo
Modeling & Texturing: Sylvia Chin, Zhenhui, Jason Tee
Rigging: Sylvia Chin
Animation: Sylvia Chin
Lighting & Rendering: Zhenhui, Jason Tee, Alvin Pang
Compositing: Sylvia Chin, Shirleen See, Kevin Neo, Alvin Pang, Jason Tee

Audio: Fuse Asia |

Concept Art (Plants)

Concept Art (Mushie & Invitation Leaf)


Character/Tree Design

Giant Tree Design

(L) Early Sketches (R) Modelling Mushie

(L) Creating the Trees (R) Concept Artist at work

mushie turntable

Fun Facts!

- The VFX Breakdown hasn't been done yet because Mushie kept postponing his interview with us. (Busy elf!)

- No magic mushrooms were harmed in the making of this spot.

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