"Whale, whale, whale... look who's back for the summer? Mushie takes advantage of the sunny weather and "catches" an oppor-tuna-ty when he sees one! Mmm, we think he cod have done better." (Ugh! Cringe-worthy!)

Summary: A while ago, we went on an assignment to research on sardines which lead us to think...

"Could we inject colours and fun into a sardine commercial?"

Hence we posed ourselves with a challenge, to stray away from the conventional sardines commercial and to put a few things we had in mind to the test. By taking a cue from Sherwin Williams ads and combining our library assets with a little bit of curiosity on Maya Nonlinear Deformer, this spot was born!
Producer: Nemal Gelbert
Director: Sylvia Chin
3D Model/Animation/Texturing/Lighting/Rigging: Sylvia Chin, Alvin Pang, Jason Tee
Compositing/Sound Design: Kevin Neo

Behind The Scenes: Kevin Neo
Music: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Lighting Test / Texture Experiments

Maya NonLinear Deformer (Basic Overview) / Maya NonLinear Deformer (Application)

VFX Breakdown

Fun Facts!

- Mushie's "voice" is voiced by one of Eyebelieve's Mograph designers.

- This Mushie could be the same one we see in Reminiscence. Then again, we don't know. ;)

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